Recycling of maple tubing

Description of accepted products

5/16" tubing, main line (hand), and sap spouts

  • Metallocene,
  • High-density polyethylene,
  • Low-density polyethylene,
  • Nylon

Plastics generated by sugarbush tubing are mainly metallocene, polyethylene, and nylon. These plastics are reduced to granules by Recyc Polytube and are then shipped to retailers and/or plastic parts manufacturers. You will then be able to fing this new product, derived from plastic tubing, in many different forms which differ from the original. Metallocene, which is part of the polyethylene family, is found in 5/16" tubing. This is a plastic component preferred for its flexibility and shock absorption capabilities. Usually blue in color, this plastic blends well with other colors.

HDPE and LDPE are high- and low-density polyethylenes that we often find in food containers. These are black ducts ranging from ¾’’ to 1 ½’’ in diameter that serve as main lines to route large volumes of maple sap to the sugar shack. This material is mainly used to fabricate rigid and darker objects.