Given that the respect of the environment is first and foremost for this young company, tubing recovery becomes a core issue in order for the maple sap producers of tomorrow to be just as numerous as they are today.

Recyc Polytube

The company specializes in the recovery of sugarbush tubing and is located in the Bois-Francs region, namely Victoriaville. It offers a recovery service directly at the place of business of the maple producer, the equipment supplier, stores, and municipalities.


In 2012, the CFER Normand Maurice was chosen to execute a pilot project that the CLD (Local Development Center) had kickstarted for maple recycling. I (Daniel Carrier) was already working at the CFER as a foreman when the project arrived. After many loads received year after year, I noticed the large volume and quality of available materials available from our Bois-Francs region maple producers.

Today, the pilot project having ended and contributed to development, I have no doubt about the grandiose potential of sugarbush tubing recycling.